May Update!

Good morning! I have a wonderful update on our tiny farmhouse. Building has officially started this month! Slowly but surely we will have our tiny home! I am so excited. Also very excited because I am exactly a month away from my due date with baby Mia. June 23rd where are you!? Hurry up! I can't wait to hold her! 

Mothers day was fun & I got cards and flowers! Made my day. I do feel like a mommy even though Mia is still in my belly...I have felt a mother's love and a mother's fear in this short time and I know I will experience it for the rest of my life. 

Today is my dad's birthday. Gave him his gift early because I don't think I will be going to his party this weekend. My God-Brother is graduating high school this weekend so I will be there with him. He is 16 and graduating early! How awesome is that!? I am so proud of him. 

Well hope everyone is having a great week and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Just an April Update!

Hey! How was your Easter? It's been a little while since I updated. Not much has happened other than my baby-bump has grown! I had my baby shower and photo-shoot earlier this month. June can't come any faster! I am so excited to meet my baby.

Yesterday we drove by our lot and dirt was laid out at the building site. I think that means that the process is moving. We were really worried because we were told that it would be a while until they started the building process due to the rain but the dirt was laid down last week so that's a pretty good sign. Slowly but surely...that's all I keep telling myself.

I will continue to update as much as possible. I can't wait until the nursery is completed so that I can show ya'll that. Have a wonderful week!


New Shirts For SALE!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have some exciting news! I am going to start creating cute and simple designs for shirts and home accessories. I will be posting them up as I add them to my ThreadLess Shop. So far I have some cute Baby Bear, Mama Bear & Papa Bear ones. Check them out and leave some feedback!


Farmhouse Favorites Friday

Hello everyone! Well it has been a long while since I have posted a Farmhouse Favorites Friday Post. So, just a reminder this post is to feature my favorite farmhouse furniture, decor, crafts, etc. I'm hoping that these posts will help me in the future with my own tiny farmhouse. I do save idea after idea daily! That's how excited I am.

So to start is something I have been eyeing posted on the Liz Marie Blog.
If you don't know by now let me post this update, my house is going to be tiny (under 1000sqf). So when I saw this Small Console I thought it would be perfect in my future home. I will have a very small entry way and just can't stop thinking of how well it would fit. I really hope the plans are posted on how to build it. It is beautiful! Maybe having it in the living room would be nice too if my entry way is too small.

Something similar that caught my attention was a smaller console. I have no idea what size table I may need in my entry way but if it must be smaller then something like this will be perfect. Found this lovely tiny console on Finding Home Farms.I really love this. It's tiny but very nice. I would love this or something similar in a chalk white. I'm really digging chalk paint right now.

Hope you enjoyed these 2 consoles! Have an amazing fun-filled weekend!

Nursery Coming Soon!

Good morning everyone! My house is still not ready. I know, a year and a half and I am still hopeful it will get done. I will admit...I lost interest in the blog because I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with my house but received good news in November and knew that I had to keep up with it. It's hard to make posts on a blog when you don't have many ideas to share. On a good note, we will be turning a guest room into a nursery some time in March. I will gladly share that!

I am also going to start sharing my Farmhouse Favorites on Fridays again. I am excited about that.

Update on the bump..and the house.

So, in December I posted a blog about me being pregnant. Well we recently found out that I am having a baby girl. So excited and super happy. Pregnancy is great and has been a breeze these first 21 weeks. I really pray and hope it continues being easy peasy for me. June can't come any quicker. I am so excited to meet my Mia. I love the name Mia because in Spanish it means mine...and Mia is mine mine mine. LOL I am sure her daddy says the same thing.

Now about the house that we have been waiting on since 2015! If you have been following this blog then you know it's been a long long time coming. You probably started feeling as though this project just wasn't going to work's okay, that is exactly how I felt. We had our pre-construction meeting about 2 weeks ago with the building company and everything was sounding pretty good. I sent over the water well contract on Friday but I think it was after business hours and I received a reply on last Monday morning saying they received it. Fast-forward to this Monday and haven't heard anything else from the company. I don't know if I should email them now or wait another week to "check in".

Any-who, I will be sure to update once I am updated LOL. Here is a recent picture of the hubs and I...oh and baby bump LOL! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend, enjoy the rest of your week!

Hello...It's Me.

It's been almost a year, I know. I have been MIA and I am so sorry about that. So a lot has happened. Finally, we received our building that took more than a year. So much drama from contractors...lazy contractors. We had one company ignoring calls and emails all together after a down payment. Isn't that crazy? We finally got the email yesterday that all permits were approved so building should start soon. YAY! Some more big news...I am pregnant! I am 11 weeks tomorrow and I couldn't be happier. Baby is due in June, how awesome would it be if the house was done June too! Well I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving Day! :)