Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by. First, I want to wish ya'll a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The weather here in Texas is crazy. It's raining nonstop and the wind is super strong. Hopefully it calms down a bit later on because we do have a little party to attend. :)

So my husband and I went scavenging and we found a cute table that we thought would be beautiful as a living room piece in our future farmhouse.

When we brought it home we came up with a few ideas. We really want to keep the wood natural, so we decided we are going to stain it and not paint it. We want to add a steel or metal accent on the corners because one of the corners is a bit ruined. We started sanding it, but we are not quite finished. What do you think of our find? Do you have any ideas or tips for us? Let us know! :)


Farmhouse Favorites Friday

Its Farmhouse Favorites Friday! Today I will be posting my top 3 favorite posts from this week. My husband and I are finally all moved in to my mothers house. I think that we are finally ready to start some of the projects we've been talking about. I hope my mom doesn't mind if her home looks like a crafty workshop for a while. :P Any who, lets start Farmhouse Favorites!

Tuesday morning I happened to see Cami's post at Tidbits, and I knew it would be one of my favorites.
Fabric Basket Facelift! Take a plain, inexpensive fabric basket and liven it up with lovely wood pieces for one-of-a-kind storage. Tutorial available.
I really love this idea, it looks great and its inexpensive. I can't wait to try something similar.

Heather posted this awesome tool box at At The Picket Fence, and I fell in love.

I honestly love anything vintage, rustic, country...just anything that would go well with my farmhouse styled home. What do you all think? Beautiful isn't it?

Kristi at Making It In The Mountains created a faux fireplace and I love it!
This DIY Faux Fireplace is sure to bring cozy character to any room!
I would totally do something like this. I would do this in my living-room though, we are not going to have a real fireplace so this will do perfectly, maybe fit a cute electric heater in the center, even the candles will do. Our house is going to be small, so our central heater will do the job. I just really love the feel of a fireplace so you will most likely be seeing this in my coming soon section. :) You can see how to put it together over at AKA Design.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Farmhouse Favorites! I was truly inspired by these projects. The faux fireplace is something that I really hope to do when our house is complete.

Have a fantastic Friday! :) 

Mirror, Mirror...

Eagan Multipanel Small Mirror
I know many of you have heard about the Pottery Barn Mirror hack, & if you haven't the video is right here. When I saw the mirror and the hack I just wanted to do it. This weekend I was able to get 6 rectangular mirrors from a china cabinet that my mom was getting rid of. My husband chipped the corner of one of the rectangles but I think it should be fine, I just have to get some thicker borders. What kind of glue do you all recommend? I'll be starting this project very soon! We are moving this weekend so maybe not this weekend, but soon!


Farmhouse Favorites Friday

Hey everyone! As you all know, my blog is new. I started because I wanted to document the progress of my new house, but until building starts, I really can't document much. So, until then I am going to feature my favorite farmhouse furniture, décor, crafts, etc. This is also a good way for me to bring ideas together, so that when my house I know where to look for inspiration. I hope that I can make Farmhouse Favorites a Friday habit. Okay, let's start.

I really enjoyed Jen's post on City Farmhouse.
Make tartan pillows for the holidays, these were less than $3 each
I loved all her ideas but this one is my absolute favorite. The table runner would have to be my 2nd favorite from this post. I just would have never thought of either.

Jennifer has great taste! Her post on Town and Country Living is amazing!
Farmhouse Style Fall Mantel
I really love this cow art. It is adorable and I know my husband would love it as well. So glad she added the link to where it's sold. Everything about the mantel is perfect!

I am so in love with Pam's fall porch décor! Check her post out on House of Hawthornes
Fall porch decor modern farmhouse style.  Sometimes a traditional look is just what you need to get you in the mood for fall!
Her porch is beyond beautiful. I just love everything about it. The orange and red flowers are really my favorite part.

I hope you enjoyed my top 3 Farmhouse Favorites. I honestly can't wait until I can share my own Fall décor with you all. I'm waiting patiently, I really am. My husband and I are moving in with my mother next weekend until our little farmhouse is built. I've really missed my moms house, I grew up there so I think it will always feel like home. She has so many projects of her own, maybe she'll let me share them. *Fingers crossed*


I Can't Wait...

I am so excited from all the craft ideas pouring in. I do have one idea that I am excited to share with you all. When my husband and I got married, we only had 6 months to plan. We had a beautiful co Ebay, Amazon, and local dollar stores were our best friends. Most of the fabrics were purchased on Ebay, including mason jars, ribbon, and artificial flowers. Family and friends came together and helped with many of the centerpieces and basically anything we needed help with.

I am going to recreate many of the decorations I had at the wedding and I honestly can't wait to share them with you. My favorite piece isn't in this picture but I know you all will love it. Check back soon!


About Crafty Farmhouse

Now In the ABOUT Section!

Hi everyone! I'm going to start the "About" section with a little bit about me and then continue with everything about this site.

My name is Viviana and I am from Houston, TX. I am 24 years old, and am blessed enough to be married to my best-friend. We dated for 5 years and finally had our big country wedding on Valentines Day 2015. I work at a middle school and my husband works at Whole Foods.

This blog was initially created to document the progress of our house being built on our tiny piece of land. We looked at different plans and exterior ideas online and agreed that our house, because it is in the country, would look like a tiny farmhouse. After that idea was in my mind there was no taking it out. Continue reading here.

Decisions, Decisions…

Hi! So, I have been looking around for a cute distressed table, that would go with my farmhouse theme and I found so many that I love. I saw a pin of a DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Table and I really love it, but because we are on a budget I am thinking of playing around with my table, distress it somehow and hope it comes out how I want it to. I haven’t talked to my husband about this but I think he will be on board (I hope). My table sort of looks like this…
I was thinking maybe painting the legs white and keeping the top the same color, maybe lighter. I can also cover the faux leather with fabric or burlap. I am still debating. Should I paint the chairs white as well? Goodness, all these decisions. I could also get rid of the bench all together, maybe put it in a bedroom at the end of a bed. We’ll see.
I did find an awesome DIY blog post for a table similar to mine without the leather…This should help me…but I still have a few things to decide on.
Share your thoughts!

Hello World!

Welcome to Craft Farm!
I created this blog for me and for you. My husband and I are in the process of building our very own farmhouse! I have been going crazy on Pinterest looking at farmhouse decor. I am so excited to share this project with you all. I will be posting pictures of the progress and crafts that we create for the house.
I have found so many beautiful farmhouse decor and I am so excited to start on some DIY projects for them. You can check out my Pinterest meanwhile but keep checking in or subscribe to stay updated on the latest projects!