Decisions, Decisions…

Hi! So, I have been looking around for a cute distressed table, that would go with my farmhouse theme and I found so many that I love. I saw a pin of a DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Table and I really love it, but because we are on a budget I am thinking of playing around with my table, distress it somehow and hope it comes out how I want it to. I haven’t talked to my husband about this but I think he will be on board (I hope). My table sort of looks like this…
I was thinking maybe painting the legs white and keeping the top the same color, maybe lighter. I can also cover the faux leather with fabric or burlap. I am still debating. Should I paint the chairs white as well? Goodness, all these decisions. I could also get rid of the bench all together, maybe put it in a bedroom at the end of a bed. We’ll see.
I did find an awesome DIY blog post for a table similar to mine without the leather…This should help me…but I still have a few things to decide on.
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