Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by. First, I want to wish ya'll a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The weather here in Texas is crazy. It's raining nonstop and the wind is super strong. Hopefully it calms down a bit later on because we do have a little party to attend. :)

So my husband and I went scavenging and we found a cute table that we thought would be beautiful as a living room piece in our future farmhouse.

When we brought it home we came up with a few ideas. We really want to keep the wood natural, so we decided we are going to stain it and not paint it. We want to add a steel or metal accent on the corners because one of the corners is a bit ruined. We started sanding it, but we are not quite finished. What do you think of our find? Do you have any ideas or tips for us? Let us know! :)



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