Tiny Kitchen/Nook

I need your help! So, my tiny house doesn't have a huge dining room, we actually have a small nook area. I need your help with making my dining area comfortable. We currently have a small 6 person table that we want to distress and keep it, but we are not sure if it will fit. If you have a layout plan send it my way! We really don't want to buy a new small table but if we have to we will. 

Room Challenge...

I know a lot of you have heard about the One Room Challenge. I love following everyone's posts when they participate, but one blog caught my attention more than the rest because of the budget they use, she even started her own challenge, called the $100 Room Challenge. I am definitely excited to try this because  I am a money saver, and if anything, this challenge will help me stay within my spending budget. Building a new home and having a new mortgage is something new for us, so anything we can do to make our house a home and save money while doing it is a plus! I can't Wait!