Update on the bump..and the house.

So, in December I posted a blog about me being pregnant. Well we recently found out that I am having a baby girl. So excited and super happy. Pregnancy is great and has been a breeze these first 21 weeks. I really pray and hope it continues being easy peasy for me. June can't come any quicker. I am so excited to meet my Mia. I love the name Mia because in Spanish it means mine...and Mia is mine mine mine. LOL I am sure her daddy says the same thing.

Now about the house that we have been waiting on since 2015! If you have been following this blog then you know it's been a long long time coming. You probably started feeling as though this project just wasn't going to work out...it's okay, that is exactly how I felt. We had our pre-construction meeting about 2 weeks ago with the building company and everything was sounding pretty good. I sent over the water well contract on Friday but I think it was after business hours and I received a reply on last Monday morning saying they received it. Fast-forward to this Monday and haven't heard anything else from the company. I don't know if I should email them now or wait another week to "check in".

Any-who, I will be sure to update once I am updated LOL. Here is a recent picture of the hubs and I...oh and baby bump LOL! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend, enjoy the rest of your week!


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