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Crafty Farmhouse is a family run business specializing in the balance of the mind, body, and spirit through the use of nature, herbs, and art.


With the use of herbs grown directly in our own garden, we create remedies to assist your body to return to a more natural state. Our herbs are grown organically and harvested with the help of planetary influence for the most potent herbs to better serve those seeking true natural alignment.


In our garden, we harvest plants; fruits, vegetable, and herbs. Our animals are free to explore and our food is grown from the earth, with compete dedication and love. At Crafty Farmhouse, we practice companion planting; pairing our seedlings with other beneficial plants. We respect and nurture everything grown, and utilize every opportunity to give back to the earth.


We make custom, handcrafted art functional. Many of our items are up-cycled or repurposed; using reclaimed wood and other vintage goods. We believe that all things, from the photos on your wall to the table you eat on, can and should be a work of art. From trash to treasure, we bring life and beauty to neglected items and turn them into one of a kind statement pieces.