Being a Single Mom and Entrepreneur

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

So.....I've been trying to get a good footing on parenting and starting my own business. Currently, I still have a full-time job outside of my business and I raise my two beautiful girls (with the co-parenting of an annoying ex/best friend). Yep, I got into a relationship with one of my best friends, he and I got engaged, almost immediately got pregnant, and now....we're separated. #FML, lol. Not really, but maybe a little. So, seeing as I already had an eight year old that I raised pretty much single-handedly with the constant battling between her father (my ex husband) and I, I am now a single mother of TWO. That was exactly what I didn't want to be.

The good news is that my youngest daughter's father turned out to only slightly be a jerk. Yeah, he did a lot of shady things during the course of our relationship, but he somehow turned out to be a great partner to raise kids with. Go figure, maybe some things really do happen for a reason. That's not to say that he doesn't have his faults......a lot of them. To be honest, he gets on my very last nerve about five days out the week, and I only see him three. Anyway, I regressed. He and I have been trying to support one another, raise children, and not kill each other along the way. It's been a struggle, but he's still one of my best friends. We just don't work as a couple.

I found that putting myself on a schedule really helps alleviate a lot of the everyday problems and makes me feel better about working toward my goals. I make a point to work on my art as much as I possibly can (at least 5 days out the week). I walk and do a small workout in the morning (only 30 min). I listen to audible books since I no longer seem to have time to read (they're great for multitasking). I cook for the week on Monday. I signed up for for #Shipt so that I could avoid having to carry my kids with me to the grocery store (my baby is a cryer), and I have the flexibility to determine my schedule for my other job which I still need to work to pay the bills. I use my breaks to work on my business website, and social media. Overall, it's not that bad.

Still, raising a preteen, and a 1 year old takes a lot out of me. I rarely have time to myself, my baby will be 2 soon and is still nursing and recently started using me as per human pacifier (don't judge me). I have to maintain a household, bills, kids, car (I'm horrible with the maintenance), and a business by myself. I'm winning, but I haven't won. Everyday that I get something done, I'm one step closer to accomplishing my goals. So this is to hoping this s*** pays off . Excuse my french :).

For all women who have perfected singe motherhood and operate their own business, hell, even the ones who haven't, my hat goes off to you. For all the women who know the struggle of being a working mom or even those who are stay at home moms, my hat goes off to you. And just so there's some inclusion, dammit all hat goes off to you. It's hard work and we definitely don't get enough credit.

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