Who am I? An Herbalist and an Artist.

So after years of trial and error, on this journey to find myself, I realized that everything I wanted in life and possibly everything everyone thought they knew about me, was completely different. I went through a marriage, a divorce, two engagements, two children, years of college, years at a job I hated, four different majors, and finally....here I am. It feels like a lifetime when I think about all the different things I've experienced, but in truth....I still have a long way to go. I finally found something that I love doing, something that makes me happy, and something that gives me purpose (other than being a mother of course).

I come from a household where there was no question about whether or not we were going to college. It was simply a matter of which university to attend. In my eyes, the way to a successful career was a college degree. So I spent years in college trying to find the right major. I tried everything from marketing to engineering, which while promising and honorable, just wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

After everything, I realized time is of the essence. I gave eight years to a failed marriage, another 5 to failed relationships, I don't even know how many years in total dedicated to college, and 13 years working in a field that made me unhappy. I have no more time to waste.

I started watching videos about moving to the country, starting a homestead, growing my own food, and more. That became the goal. However, just by chance, I got back into art. It was something I played with but never took seriously. All of a sudden, I was being asked to make things, draw things, and build things by people who saw that I was pretty crafty and artistic. I was always pretty good with my hands and I loved making all kinds of thing from small crafts to furniture. That's when I realized, that is what I want to do. I started to combine my art with my carpentry.

Unfortunately, the idea of starting your own business and living on a farm, is not one that is considered realistic when you come from where I come from (Miami). According to the people around me, the path to success involves obtaining a degree and finding a good job, working for a good company, with good benefits. Sorry, but that's not my path. This city girl has plans; exit plans from the city, entry plans to the peaceful country, mommy plans for single parenting, and business plans for Crafty Farmhouse.

A year after my youngest daughter was born, I bought my first house and moved to northern Broward. Not so much in the country, but as close to it as I could get living in South Florida. I started gardening since I now had the land to do so, and that led me straight to herbs. Herbs became my new passion. And here I am now, a carpenter/artist/herbalist, and above all other things, a proud mother.

Thanks all for listening. The video posted was one of the first videos that motivated me to start this journey. Thank you @Beckyshomestead.

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